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Mission Statement

We intend to provide our clients with the highest quality of architectural metalwork and design services in the greater bay area. 

Vector can create for you...

     any architectural element you can envision...

          or maybe something a bit more formal...

Gates - Ornate, Simple, Entry, Motorized Security

Stairways - Interior & Exterior

Railings - Ornate, Contemporary, Stairway Banisters, Balconies, Entryways, Cable Rail

Doors - Ornate Front, Rustic or Baroque Front, Ornate & Security Screens, Hardware & Fixtures, Unique Garage Doors

Outdoor Structures - BBQ Pit, Copper Oven, Fire-Pit, Trellis, Pergola/ Arbor, Archways

Fireplace - Insert, Hearth, Tool Set, Log Rack, Wood Rack

Metal Furniture - Contemporary Tables & Chairs, Patio Furniture 

Wine Cellar - Racks, Taps, Copper Still, Barrel Fasteners, Bars & Stools, Accents

Signage - Store-Front Signage, Street/ Address Markers, Mailboxes

Kitchen - Stove Hoods, Pot Racks

Accents - Lighting Fixtures, Cabinetry Knobs


We're sticklers for creative designs, and have been for over 15 years. Let us turn your wish into reality.



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Precision Design.

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The Art of Blacksmithing


 Metallurgy is one of the first applied sciences known to man, dating back to the Stone Age before 6000BC.

The discovery of fire breathed to life the possibility of melting rock to create stronger tools. As metal itself took on new shapes, it simultaneously shaped the world around us. Humans then learned to smelt and alloy metals; copper and gold were among the first combinations, making way for the Copper Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age.

Metalworking as a tradition was passed down generationally through skilled craftsmen, which was then adapted into the familiar role of Blacksmith. Blacksmiths helped humanity adapt to long distance travel through horse shoes, carriages and equine accessories. Armor and weapons were also forged by Blacksmiths, which aided in Imperialism and expansion. Progress was especially visible in the areas of farming and food production; metal kitchenware and farming tools allowed for higher food production, which in turn created larger populations and population centers.

As resources became more available, we were able to see the creative potential in metal and began making beautiful works of art, metal jewelry, and increasingly complex architecture. As we began to observe the different properties and react of various metals, curiosity peaked, and we began actively experimenting with metal. This curiosity and experience gave way to the practice of Alchemy, which later evolved into Chemistry. Metal has strongly influenced and catalyzed humanity's growth, has brought much joy through art, and given us structure though architecture. The art of Blacksmithing is not just a beautiful piece of heritage, but also cultural foundation. It is a complex art and valuable trade that we are honored to uphold and proud to pass on.